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From “Hope Selling” to “Creation Selling” (c)

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is yur sales model obselete


For millennium, sellers have been placing their goods and services in front of potential sellers and hoping to sell them “Hope Selling”, however with the Internet there is a new and better way to sell your products, “Creation Selling”. (c)


Many business have been producing a product or service for many years and initially they may have been a solution to a problem or a need that was identified in the past. Over time new products and services may have been invented, potential consumers have more choices and even old methods have been shown to be inadequate to meet the current needs of potential consumers. A new method of selling is needed. to meet the changing needs of consumers created by the information overload created by the Internet and social media.

Hope Selling (c)

buy now

Just selling on price on the hope they will buy.

With limited communication with potential clients in the past, other than inadequate face to face feed back, there was no real incentive to change the products or serviced offered by the sellers. They thought they were the best for the potential sellers and just need to work on the price or presentation to sell more products.

So sellers just put them out into the market place to HOPE that potential consumers would come along to purchase. They would HOPE that the products and services were relevant to the potential consumers and HOPE that they could make a profit from the sale.

This HOPE has been long the basis of the selling experience in the world – until now.

Now we have CREATION Selling. (c)

new life old life

With the onset of the internet, a new way of selling has been able to be developed, CREATION Selling.

” CREATION selling is when the seller can take extra action to develop the environment for the potential purchaser to purchase the product and service – for a greater profit.”

The environment is created by ;

  • 2 way communication

So many businesses just present products and services they think will satisfy the potential purchaser, without information on what is their real problem they want solved. This can be overcome by communication and critically 2 way communication. Sharing problems and solutions between the sellers and potential consumers can develop relevant solutions to the problems by greater understanding by your business.

  • Understand the problem

With this 2 way communication there starts to become an understanding of the problem the consumer needs to satisfy, enabling solutions to be found to satisfy that problem. Many business seem to look to satisfy either their interpretation of the problem or a problem that was perceived a number of years ago, rather than having a mechanism to understand the current problems that are relevant to the potential purchasers. With that understanding you will not only potentially increase sales, but more importantly reduce costs and inventory by having old irrelevant business practices and product.

  • Relevancy

Once you have an understanding of the problem that your potential consumers and purchasers have, then you can have solutions to offer them that are potentially a higher potential to be sold. These products and services are now more relevant to the potential purchaser as they have been developed from information from them – creating that understanding of their problem. In some cases they may be a request for particular products or services that they may have information to satisfy their problem – but not available locally.

  • Solution

So your solutions become more “sale able” as they come from a process that is focused from the potential purchaser – not what you want to sell and hope they will buy. Your products and services are then seen as a solution to problems and your business as solution developers and providers for the long term – not short term “take my money and not care” you gain respect that you care about the outcome of potential purchasers.

  • Make a profitable sale.

This Createion Sale is focussed on maing you more profit an dit does that from a numbe rof methods.

  1. The first is to make a cultural system where you will sell more products as they will be relevant to satisfy the problem of the potentia purchaser.
  2. The focus is now away from the product and comparing products across firms just selling hope – to be one of solution focus, reducing the emphasis on price and allowing to sell at a higher price as you are now selling a solution – not a product.
  3. You can also decrease costs as your inventory of irrelevany products and extra costs in marketing are reduced.

All of these will increase your product.

  • Marketing solutions

To gain the greatest benefit from the changes in method of your selling in your business, there is a need to change selling you and the business as important. They are relevant and your brand is important to you – but it may not be to the potential purchaser. They are looking for solutions first and while you may (or now will after changing to Creation Selling) see it as important to you – you are not buying from yourself. Their focus is on solutions and your marketing should be based on that – relevant solutions that will inspire potential purchaser to buy.

  • Creating Business Tribes.

Once this system is in place, you can use the concepts of building business tribes to further turbocharge your business or organisation. You have created brand values of a leader in relevant solutions to your immediate tribes – consumer, employee and a range of other tribes. Direct Tribal members will inform other members of their tribes that you have solutions to shared problems, that you respect the potential purchasers and they should purchase from you, if they are after a solution to a similar problem. That’s turbocharging.

More information on development of Business Tribes is available from my co-authored book with International business guru Brian Tracy – a free download at “Ignite Your Life” .

And more broadly available with my new book – “Business Tribes. Turbocharge Your Circle of Influence, For Profit.” more information at Business Tribes Book.

Now I am not saying that changing years and years of Hope Selling will be easy, but the outcome is worth the effort.

Tony Park

Tony Park is an author, entrepreneur, speaker and academic.character print

Developer of businesses and not for profits all over the world from the last 40 years and author of an International Best Selling Book – “Ignite Your Life”

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His concepts of Business Tribes is now a question of a PHD Candidate.