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Golf success – in the hole or how you hit?

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As I sit at our annual camping holiday and I contemplate the new year and what I may want to achieve, I am starting to think I would like to play golf. However I see many people taking the whole process both casual and so serious – who are right.

Now I have played a few times, both here in Australia but also around the world with JCI and to say I am a terrific golfer … well lets just say I have won trophies as the Most Exercised Player – you get my drift. So as I contemplate the next few years of change, I need to understand what “My Success” will be, with my golf. Why should I put myself up to what someone ells me the stokes you should make to get the ball into the hole – I should understand my journey and my success along the way.

Just in all phases of your life, the level of success will vary on the knowledge and experience you have at any one time and while you can change these by learning and actively gaining experience by the doing – the level of what others place on you as success will change over time. To many people (and golfers) when they start off are depressed because they cannot immediately have the level of success that others see we should have – same in going to the gym (done that to) or starting work in a new job. These things take time and you need to understand that you will start from foundations, then grow and therefore your level of success will change.

When I have played golf in the past, I set my own goals of a “Tony Park Par” – that is I had a goal of twice what others had placed on me for my goal for that particular hole. I understood what I wanted to achieve, had what I saw as obtainable goals and then could concentrate on what is needed. These included stance, swing, ball, clubs and mental concentration – but most of all I have found is to relax and be happy in what you are doing.

Do I want to be the worlds best golfer – nope, do I want to continually being obsessed that I am not good enough and to get a lower and lower handicap – no, do I want to have regular exercise and feel good when I hit a drive, chip or put – yes please. The feeling of a good drive, long straight and where I have not lost my ball is something to achieve. The little pitch over a hazard or onto a green gives you a feeling of control, of achievement on what you can plan and execute ad those pesky putts – at times so so close, others that roll on and on past the hole – now thats planning and control.

DO I worry about the score – not yet. That may come as I learn all the foundations that need to be mastered before hand. They may never be and I may be a hacker, a golfer who just appreciates a good walk, but the goals will be my goals and not imposed by others. This will continue to give me confidence and a positive outlook in myself, so I can balance my life in other areas and not focus on achieving what others want me to achieve.

That’s the same in ife and in business, that balance in life – not continually focussing on the today to achieve what others think you should, so other areas in your life are neglected. To feel bad about yourself if you cannot achieve what others see that you should, not to give up early, but to understand that ife is a journey and to have positive goals and achievements along the way. To many people have high long term goals, that once you start a journey are just too high and seemingly unachievable – when little steps along the way will not only make the journey more enjoyable – but allow that achievement to happen.

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So as you hack away at that pesky golf ball, be in a gym with all those sleek bodies around you, be positive about yourself and you can achieve whatever you want.





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