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I have been working with Emmy Award winning entrepreneur Nick Nanton in the US and I thought it may be helpful for you to build your business tribes with these ideas about Pinterest. I used it but lost my way a little as it grew so much. With all social media tools, its important that you use them for a purpose, not just to get followers for ego (unless that is your purpose). These ego groups just dilute the business opportunities as they are not engaged and the good ones, those who could assist your business, by you assisting them, get lost in the background buzz. Have a look at see if this may assist you.

Tony Park 


Pinterest is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world, but many companies are still stumped on how to use it. Which is understandable, since it doesn’t work for everyone. However, if Pinterest is a good fit for your business (i.e. any business with a “lifestyle” theme), there are countless ways to make it work for you and your business.

Here some ideas to get you feeling inspired:

1)   Recipes. Recipes are one of the most re-pinned items on this social networking site, making it the ideal way to engage with users! Most recipes tend to be either very healthy or very unhealthy (Nutella is a popular theme …), so if you’re focused on health and wellness, this is the perfect in for you to post all the healthy recipes you have.

2)   Exercise Tips. Exercise tips are another popular category on Pinterest. You can either posts these as short videos (keep in mind that 3:30 is the most recommended length for online videos), or as an image guide (see this yoga diagram from Women’s Health as an example).

3)   Inspirational quotes. Whether it’s a quote you love or a quote from your book, pinners are always looking for things that inspire them. For example, if you’re a life or business coach, posting your favorite success quotes is the perfect thing to share on Pinterest. Since Pinterest is a very visual site, you’ll want to add the text over an image, but that’s really easy to do in everything from Powerpoint to Photoshop (and the many free apps in between, like Quozio). Just make sure it’s a good quality image, or your post won’t get noticed!

4)   DIY tips. There’s an entire “DIY & Crafts” section on Pinterest, but this does not have to be limited to just crafty items! This can be anything you want to advise your followers on, such as “Ten Ways to Detox Your Home”, or tips on how to make healthy food fun for kids.

5)   Your products. While all products don’t work as a standalone pin, and you definitely don’t want to overdo this, adding your own merchandise to a board is absolutely okay. And if you sell something like workout accessories, I highly recommend it!

6)   Tips. If you have a short catchy tip that works over an image, by all means post it! Pinterest is an aspirational site, and its users love anything that makes them feel like they can make their lives better in simple steps. If you give them those simple tips and tricks, they’ll love you. So a financial planner can add a short and sweet “Four Steps to a Happy Retirement” gif to a blog on your site, and then pin the image with a link back to your blog.

7)   Real estate. If you’re a real estate agent, you can use Pinterest to showcase your listings. If a home has a gorgeous kitchen or an impeccable view, post the picture with a few details about the house and a link back to your website.

8)   Videos. Aside from the exercise videos mentioned above, there’s a lot you can do with videos on Pinterest! The key is to keep it short, light and useful, whether it’s a recipe tutorial, a home tour, a video guide to filling out a tax return correctly, or an aromatherapy how-to guide.

9)   Repins. You want to make sure you’re pinning from other users and not just repining your own content, or you won’t look like you’re trying to be a part of the community (which is a no-no anywhere, but especially on Pinterest). Engagement is extremely important, so make sure you repin posts that fit with your brand! If you handle tax accounting or tax law, and another user posts a quote or statistic you agree with, repin it, and add your own commentary. If you disagree, it’s okay to politely say why as well.

10)  Anything you want! No, really! One of the goals about being on social media is to help people get to know you better. So make Pinterest something  you actually want to use. Pin the recipes you want to make, post crafts if you like crafting, or post home décor if you’re working on some updates to your home. Being authentic and sharing what you care about is what will help you gain followers on Pinterest! You don’t have to stick solely to retirement if you’re a financial planner, or only with health-oriented pins because you’re a doctor. Let people get to see all aspects of your personality and interests.

Post what you like, and don’t forget to have fun! It’s what Pinterest is all about!

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Tony Park

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