Anzacs – Still creating our Tribes.

If you have read previous posts on how and why Business Tribes have been created, you will understand the power of those tribes to create businesses, organisations and communities. The word Anzacs has been one word that symbolises those Tribal feelings that has changed from those who were part of that Tribe, to now a symbol to create a whole country tribe.

veteran There have been many veterans who have served their country across many wars over the years. Some were fresh young kids who joined up for a thrill to see the world, others were conscripted to stand together to fight for what others saw as the safety of our country.

What ever the reason, these young men and women came together and created strong tribes, not just working together but with the understanding that firstly they were fighting to protect each other. The trust that is is generated in the challenge of war cannot be described or even told – only felt.

The sharing of being scared, living always thinking the next seconds could be your last – or the person next to you may be the last conversation. The sharing of the living conditions, being cold, hungry and not knowing what is going on. The expectation of doing what is ordered, no questions, no debate, with the understanding that people are making these orders for the best outcome for all.

These are some of the things that have created those feelings of Tribes of those people who have experienced those things. Not just directly in that particular conflict that created that Tribe – but also in every other conflict since (and maybe even before that in Boer War and others). Many people directly invollved with these veterans also tried to understand these bonds that were created at these times once these veterans returned home to their past tribes or family and work. However most found it difficult and without being part of that

All types of people were ANZACS

All types of people were ANZACS

veterans tribe, you were shut out and was difficult to see that your family tribe or work tribe was as important for their lives.

It is  interesting now as that initial tribe of the ANZACS have passed on, that the country does come together to share those tribal bonds. That these people who put their lives on the line for us, some who paid the ultimate sacrifice for what they thought was right at the time or returned with even greater challenges be venerated as being special for Australia.

Without taking away from those people who need to be put on the highest pedestal for those personal sacrifices then andmarching now, its the bonds between them that also need to be understood as a guide on all our activities we undertake today.

when our veterans march, do they march because they love war, love the sacrifices and hardships? I contend that they are marching to remember those sacrifices of friends, of people they knew and had bonds with. That they march to be with people who they have strong bonds too, who have shared challenges both during conflict and after.

So what doe’s that mean to other Australians. Why have more and more avanzac and flagerage Australians cheer on on those who march, or turn up to ceremonies to remember all those who sacrificed for us or have since died.  Its to share those bonds that these veterans have created together, to come together as a Country Tribe, to stand together with these veterans, these great Australians and to feel proud as an Australian.

With other challenges that we may perceive that we have in our lives, especially over years of drought, flood, Global Financial Crisis and other challenges that we think are in our lives, we can see that others have made greater challenges for us. This reduces our current challenges and gives us positive bonds to come together. This then gives us a foundation to look forward and build on those sacrifices to create a unified and positive country.

football anzac

These bonds are used by many to bring other tribes together, sporting and cultural under that banner of ANZACS. To use the feeling of those bonds that were created by those ANZACS to bring other Australians together for various reasons. Those strong bonds are what brings communities together and is really important for such a diverse community as Australia.

With increased immigration and the changing face of Australia away from the Anglo-Saxon culture, the bonds created in a time of a different Australia is being transferred to these new cultures. Not to say war is great or we (Anglo-Saxons) are “better”, but to say when needed, we Australians will stand up for other Australians, but more so we stand together to protect each others back.

Its the bonds that we have each others back that we can transfer into today’s Australia. Be it in sport, business, organisations or family. Its knowing that you are not alone, that if things get a bit sticky there arcross ad didgedooe people around you that you can rely on to be with you. That is the ANZAC spirit that binds communities, that Tribal feeling that will assist Australia to continue to create our future – together.

From time to time you see people trying to pull our community apart, the political process for many is an us and them, some Churches or spiritual groups also see their spiritual group being more important than others, even sporting groups cannot appreciate the sport – just the outcome for their team.  Its these ANZAC bonds that rebounds our country to work together.

So when we see these marches in our streets, to commemorate those sacrifices of many men and women over the years, we can be full of joy of those ANZAC bonds, how we as Australians do have bonds together built on those sacrifices of all who served – for us.

we will remember themTony Park


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