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The term Business Tribes has been used by a number of authors, Tony Park has unique insights on how to recognise, engage, use and maintain your tribes. With this knowledge, you will be able to turbo charge your business or organisation.

An author, mentor, coach, entrepreneur and now academic, Tony has been working in and on various tribes for over 40 years and now you can gain from this knowledge.

I have defined a tribe is a group of people or actors, that have a unique bond between each other, that they act in the best interest of each of them. In some cases they have been through some action that strengthen those bonds between them .

People can possibly develop and grow through different stages ;

individuals1) Individuals
Individuals grow and develop from interaction with family, school, work places and organisations and have a random growth pattern towards goals that change from time to time. Some individuals interact with others, while others go through life moving from group to group with no real outcome at all – just existing.


2) Groups
From time to time, people come together in groups, to learn and work together, socialise and live. However unless there is a reason to do things, to be relevant to each other, they tend to just come and go. Links start to happen between these individuals, however may be fluid and come and go. Outcomes are by chance that may or may not happen, for individuals or the group.


3) Teams
Some groups become teams, made up of leaders and followers and start to work as a group with purpose. This purpose tends to be set by the team and/or leader and may not be in the best interest of all the team members, but focused on the greater good – for the team. Some may say this is the best combination that achieves – but does it achieve for all?

How individuals interact. (c) Tony Park

How individuals interact. (c) Tony Park

4) Tribes
Tribes are a growth from the previous steps, people coming together having strong bonds between them, that act for joint benefits. They have win/win activities, work together for the benefit of all. No one gains more – some may gain this week, while others gain at other times, but overall all gain more than teams or groups. Understanding how to engage your tribe can really turbo charge your business or organisation as you engage the tribes of your tribal members.

In business or organisations, the use of Tribes can assist them to develop and grow quicker and stronger, therefore the identification, understanding, usage and maintaining of these tribes are critically important for their development. These blogs will help you in these processes as you become part of my tribe – you can wait for my book due to be published in March 2016 called Business Tribes, Turbo Charge your circle of influence – for profit contact me at tony@businesstribes.com.au for a discounted pre-publish copy. Along with my co-authored book with Brian Tracy – Excite your life.

Or contact me and I can directly help you and your business/organisation to turbo charge you circle of influence. Contact me and I can show you how.

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